How to Be A Strong Woman Embodying the Abundance of Goddess Energy on Earth

New place, new face, same old pain. Same old job. Same old relationship issues. Same old body image. Same old paycheck. Same old life.

To put it in a nutshell, it’s your deep seated, unconscious beliefs that keep you in the same position year after year.

But how do you change that? You’ve tried everything the experts have touted over the years as being The One Answer, and sometimes something shifted but it seems like it’s always been the same.

If that’s so, then you are in the same place with most of my clients these days: 24/7 of the same old same old stretching endlessly out ahead of you.

See this picture of me belly dancing? I couldn’t have done this before my own transformation. I was “the bashful one.” I had trouble speaking up, speaking my truth. I would not have worn a dress showing my cleavage! Look at me now! Yay!

The Transformative Power of Embracing Womanhood
The Transformative Power of Embracing the Feminine

 Now I am a strong, sensual woman with a voice that can be heard. I embody my femininity, the sumptuous, lush power of the Goddess. I live my spirituality with a mindful spiritual practice.  I have a love life. My family life is deeply satisfying. I have my own business, control my own schedule, and take time off from work. If The Bashful One can do this, so can you.


Work with me and together we’ll envision a different future and bring it to abundant fruition using the simple technique of hypnotherapy combined with life coaching.

We’ll work together so you can figure out where you want to go and how you want to be for the rest of your life.

This is how in 3 Simple Steps:

  1. You and Me Together. In my studio: We meet weekly for an hour. At a distance: We talk for a half hour weekly. That’s pretty much it as far as time commitment goes.
  2. You listen to a soothing, personalized recording at bedtime that will help you sleep restfully and feel better, at the same time it changes your core beliefs into what you want to believe is true about you.
  3. You live your spirituality with a mindful spiritual practice every day that you develop according to your own spiritual beliefs and needs.

You may begin to see new possibilities in about 4 weeks. At about 6 weeks, you’ll realize that you’ve already made some big changes. You’re ready to entertain thoughts of expanding your awareness about your self-worth, your body image, your relationships, or what you really want to do for a living.

This could mean deep transformations for you about self-worth, body image, and how you make money. It also helps you to heal your disheartening emotional beliefs.

What it really means is — Embodying the Real You. The Feminine You.

Being able to envision a different future

and actually bring it to fruition.

Having fun. Loving your life.

Heal Your Disheartening Beliefs using Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching

Together we’ll discover your true life purpose and how to envision it in the real world. We’ll create your service/product, that one thing that comes so naturally you don’t even realize it’s marketable. (I can help you with your resume or marketing pieces such as your brochure, flyers, and a website if you need one.)

You can do this. You don’t have to meet some impossible standards to benefit greatly from my program.

You just have to want to change your life more than you want to be miserable.


The cost for your Womanly Transformation? Priceless.

If you’re thinking that you can’t afford it – stop. We’ll tailor your program with the elements you want and need in accordance with your budget. It’s that simple.


Contact me for a free Discovery Session.

We’ll talk about your hopes and dreams and what keeps you up at night, disturbing your quality of life. There’s no other obligation.

PS: Listening to your personal hypnotherapy recording doesn’t take your control away from you. You’re totally aware of yourself and your surroundings and what you’re hearing. It feels like that stage when you’re not quite awake, just feeling relaxed. It’s been proven by experts to be safe and effective.

Contact me with this form and double check your email address. You can include your phone number in the message box if you would prefer a phone call.

I’m very good at responding, so if you don’t hear from me by the next business day, it means there was a technical glitch. Please contact me again.



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