3 ways to heal your thoughts so you don’t have to keep suffering through them

Yep. Bad stuff happened to you. Bad stuff happened to me, too. Bad stuff happens at home. Bad stuff happens at work. Bad stuff happens randomly. Bad stuff happens to just about everyone.

You remember that time when…? Yep, you sure do.

Because it rotates through your mind on a regular basis, like the loud, stinky trash pick-up trucks.

It literally stops you from doing… seeing… calling… making… what you want most.

They say you have to heal it. Well, yeah, you do and it can be very hard.

But what if you start with healing just one thought?

What if you start with turning that thought on its ear and being loyal to your future, instead of reliving the past over and over ad nauseum?

What if that thought is the one you just had, the one that made you angry or ashamed? Start there. How could that influence your entire outlook?

Remind yourself that bad stuff happens to everyone and that your next choice is the most important one. It’s the one that will help you escape the rat race.

3 ways to heal your thoughts and stop overthinking it

It takes practice, patience, and persistence. Imagine you’re a pioneer on a journey. The end is in sight. You can do it.

  1.  Create a ‘cue’ to help to switch off the bad thought, something like snapping your fingers, clearing your throat, wiggling your toes. Turn your head and roll your eyes to the right. While thinking “new thought, new thought!”
  2. Turn around. Move in a circle. Step sideways. Spin your entire body while laughing like a kid. Movement can reboot your brain and boost your thoughts onto a different track.
  3. Pick a memory that you love. It’ll be your go-to memory, the one you switch to whenever the bad stuff overburdens you. Feel the emotions it brings up for you. Laugh!

Get out of your own way. Do something wild and wacky to help your mind get out of that rut. Let your curiosity roam.

Set your imagination free. Imagine everyone you see wearing your favorite color. Fun, huh?

Assume you can do it and hang on to that good thought through thick and thin, through rough and easy.

You’re in a magical transition phase! Be loyal to your future, not your past. Your next choice is the one that matters.

That’s a dadgum good start, my friend.


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Just like a lot of other kindred spirits, you too can boost your love life, relationships, health, and career.

Yep, it’s possible. You have potential, ya know!

Lotsa hugs,

Be well. Be happy. Just be.

Peg McMahan, HHP, CHt, LMT

Be a Goddess! Boost your love life, relationships, health, career — the soulful way!

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