Are empty fears stopping you from succeeding? Most likely

We all want something. Right? The question being how to get it.

Because fear stops us.

There are lots of kinds of fears. For example, some people are scared of hypnotherapy. Yep. Tough people otherwise, and they’re scared.

They have fears about what will happen while they are under hypnosis. That’s fair.

And they have big fears about what will happen after their program ends and their life is very different.

  • They’re worried about how their story will change.
  • They’re worried about what their friends and family will think about them.
  • They’re worried about how their personal dramas will no longer fit in their life.
  • They worry about what they’ll do when they have silenced their distractions.
  • When their dramas no longer work for them.
  • When the histrionics peter out.

They’re worried about what happens after their problem is solved.


What happens when the messes are cleaned up and you can see clearly for the first time in your life?

Do you fear that all you’ll see is the big scary unknown?

Is this all there is? What if there’s another path you should have taken? What if you go through a different doorway now? What can change?


Please let me reassure you. The changes you’ll make are incremental. It’s like walking in your favorite place. You take one step, and then another, and then another.

The scenery changes as you go along. The scenery is your mindset, your beliefs about yourself. You’ll uncover some surprises about those beliefs, but you can always see where you’re going.


So all those fears that I mentioned? They’re just EMPTY fears. Because you’ll know where you’re going. Because you’ll see it step by step.

Right now you may be facing a dead end, stumped, stopped. You can change that.


My technique helps you unearth those gray bits that keep stopping you, helps you heal them permanently. So you can succeed. Home life. Work life. Career. You name it.

How do I know this? Because I’ve been helping you solve your problems and change your lives for more than 20 years. The process is the same no matter what your starting point may be. And then it’s better. Good. Best!

The best way to get your questions answered is to ask them. I’m happy to help!

Losta hugs,

Peg McMahan, HHP, CHt, LMT

Silence the sneaky snarky Inner Critic. Be a Goddess!

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