Groovy Mindset Makeover Challenge ~ 31 Days

Did you know that neuroscientists have finally answered the “How many days to a new habit” question?

It literally takes 30 consecutive days of a new activity or thought to create a new groove in your brain. If you skip a day, the groove disappears and you start back at day one.

You NEED that groove.

I was just listening to another audio by the spirituality expert Caroline Myss about the stages of self-esteem. When you’re in the “I’ve had enough” stage, you only know what you don’t want. You don’t yet know what you DO want.

You have to make some changes to move into the next stage.

And that’s the stage you’re coping with right now. You know what you don’t want, but it’s hard to move on to the next stage of what you do want.

Of course, if you don’t actually change your mindset and habits, you’ll keep spiraling around the same patterns. You already know that.

You need 30 days to get in the groove! Now is a good day to start.

I, too, have gone through it time after time, because life is a spiral – and I keep getting deeper and deeper learning experiences as presented by Life. [See my eyes rolling? I can almost see out the back of my head.]

 What if today you decide to reclaim your life? Fire up your passion? Explore the far reaches of your soul? Live a mystical magical life? Anything could be possible!

 This is different from the usual challenge. It’s all about the art of transforming the everyday simply by shifting your perception.

 The Groovy Mindset Makeover 31 Day Challenge is designed to help you:

* Be inspired! Get clear on one thing you want to change right now.

* Write a dynamic affirmation or intention statement that actually manifests.

* Create a new brain groove by practicing it daily – just by listening to a guided meditation just before sleeping.

* You’ll have a supportive community of kindred spirits, someone to talk to as you go through the changes.

* You’ll have accountability so you get through the 30-day groove without starting over.

* Bonus! 20-minute integrative coaching call with me cuz you have questions and I’ll help you answer them.

Plus you’ll learn my signature Sacred Space & Boundary Ritual.

(If you’re still reading this, I would guess that you are intuitive-empathic-introverted-highly sensitive with some issues about people pushing your boundaries. This daily ritual will help you with that.) People rave about this guided meditation, so I’m sure you’ll love it, too.

And… it’s easy! It’s all online. It’s really easy to add to your daily life.

A live meeting once each week via Zoom and support groups in Facebook and LinkedIn will help you stay in alignment with your goals.

Go here to join. Groovy Mindset Makeover Challenge ~ 31 Days | Facebook

We’ll choose a start date, day and time that’s good for all of us. PM me to chat about it so we can discover if it’s a good fit for you. See you soon!

There’s no fee, although you’re welcome to donate. 😊

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