How do your specific ‘failure points’ stop you from succeeding?

  • You keep trying and trying.
  • You keep failing.
  • You feel disillusioned.
  • You’re heartbroken.

Failure is inherent. You were born with a specific set of ‘failure points,’ as well as a genuine life purpose.

It’s those failure points that keep smacking you down.

What if you could turn your specific failure points into assets and use them to succeed?

Failure Points = Blind Spots

You may not even know some of your failure points. Those particular ones are also called Blind Spots.

  • Friend to your other friend: She’s doing it again.
  • You: What? What am I doing again?
  • Friend: You know what you’re doing again!
  • You: Totally mystified because you don’t have the foggiest idea what your friend is talking about.

That’s a Blind Spot. It’s when you keep doing the same stupid thing again and again, like choosing the same type of boyfriend who will treat you as badly as the last one.

∙ Different face, same broken heart.

Choosing the same kind of job, thinking that a different company will be better, when the problem is actually the same kind of job.

∙ Different place, same disillusionment.

Change is possible, even probable with the right inspiration

What if you could figure out how to see through your blind spots and change your life?

It’s possible. It really is.

Each finger and thumb has a life lesson and a life purpose.

It’s true. It’s been scientifically studied with thousands of hands and character traits. The International Institute of Hand Analysis was founded by Richard Unger in 1985 to expand the role of hand analysis in the world.

Your fingerprints explain the blueprint for your life lessons and life purpose. Everyone is born with them. They are your birthright.

And although the life lessons seem insurmountable …

∙ Although it seems like you always fail …

∙ Although it seems like you’ll always be miserable …

∙ Although you think you’re living your life purpose, but it’s not working …

That’s not so. You also have the power to change your failure points into assets.

For example, the print on right thumb involves manifesting, getting good results, or failure.

Therefore, if you can change your failure into being able to get results, then you succeed, right? It’s two sides of the same coin.

The lesson of the right index finger is the belief of being powerless, feeling overwhelmed. You don’t feel like a leader, but in reality, that’s the opposite side of the same coin, the same fingerprint.

Which of these failure points feels like your struggle?

One or more of these life lesson descriptions definitely fits your struggle.

  • ∙ Failure, frustration, incompleteness, inability to manifest
  • ∙ Family issues; being the black sheep. Lack of community
  • ∙ Powerlessness, feeling helpless, feeling overwhelmed
  • ∙ Blocked passions, victimization, shame, numbness (I don’t know what my passions are!)
  • ∙ Irresponsibility about money/time/integrity, self-worth issues
  • ∙ Guilt, self-worth issues (Anybody can make you feel guilty about anything.)
  • ∙ Hiding out, apathy, creative block
  • ∙ Fear of disapproval, fear of rejection
  • ∙ Not speaking up for self or others
  • ∙ Intimacy issues, mistrustful in relationship; may use manipulation to get needs met

As a sage in the life stage of Wisdom, I look back at my young self and see myself so much more clearly. I’ve learned how to work with my life lessons, to recognize when they’re causing me to fail.

To Do: How can you turn your failure points into assets?

Using the life lesson list, make a list of the many ways your ‘failure points’ show up in everyday life. It’s enlightening, right?

Now make a list of the opposite of your ‘failure points.’ It’s kinda hard, huh?

For example:

— Powerlessness, feeling helpless, feeling overwhelmed can become the leader, visionary, entrepreneur, independent, high achiever.

— Hiding out, apathy, creative block can become Creative in the spotlight, the Individualist.

My Life Purpose is to be the catalyst for your growth

Your Life Purpose is also shown in your fingerprints. According to this methodology, my fingerprints define my life purpose as:

The Master of Healing, Inspired Communicator, and Growth Catalyst

With creativity and innovation as supports. (Yep, I go waaaay outside the box).

I certainly hope you’ve been inspired by my weekly newsletters and media posts. I hope some of the tips I’ve given have helped you heal.

How could your life change if you knew how to recognize when one of your failure points, your blind spot, is getting in your way? And then knew how to get out of your own way?

What if you could turn your specific failure points into assets and use them to succeed?

How to create an ever-growing spiral of success and happiness

Life is a spiral. You keep revisiting the same ‘failure point’ over and over until you figure out how to turn it into an asset, acting on the inverse, the opposite side of that coin.

∙ The life lesson of failure to manifest can turn into the ability to get good results to benefit yourself and others.

∙ The life lesson of powerlessness, feeling helpless and overwhelmed, can turn into being a powerful leader who has all her ducks in a row.

The definitions of your fingerprint analysis, combined with my signature coaching /regression method, will turn your ‘failure points’ into assets, into an investment that pays you back in satisfaction and happiness.

You’ll break through your specific failure points and manifest fulfillment and freedom.

That’s exciting news, right? Knowing that a bit of enlightenment and some hypnotherapy can create a bold breakthrough for you!

You have potential!!! You’re a transformation waiting to happen.

 ∙ Discover your potential …

∙ Transform your inner life …

∙ Transform your outer life …

Right now, you have a mystery waiting for you to solve. You’re enthusiastic about solving the mystery. Your curiosity is boundless!

You’ve been waiting for the catalyst because you’ve had enough. You’re ready for a breakthrough.

A fantastic breakthrough leading to enlightenment is yours!

I “see” you – your uniqueness, your potential – it’s one of my gifts.

I will tell you the truth about yourself and show you how to get from here to there. My method works for just about everything.

Contact me and I’ll show you how to see the mystery of you and how to solve your ‘failure points’ so you can succeed with your goals and live in spiritual alignment.

What else?

  • You’ll learn to trust your intuition and how to use it.
  • You’ll grow strong boundaries around your empathetic nature.
  • You’ll learn how to stand your ground and live your Truth.
  • Your connection to your spirituality will be stronger than ever.

And most of all, you’ll learn how to spot and correct a ‘failure point’ before it bowls you over.

I’ll help you unlock the door to your creativity and gifts so you can live a life you love.

Lotsa hugs,

Peg McMahan, HHP, CHt, LMT

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