About Peg

My work in inspiring women to bloom into their higher potential, to create magic in their lives, and make their wildest dreams come true feeds my soul. It makes me happy. I get goosebumps just thinking about helping you blossom! 

Using Soul Journeys, I help seasoned women begin a deep and meaningful transformation, waking and developing their inner senses, opening pathways so they can see what else there may be, bringing the magical mystical and the deeper spiritual to the forefront of their lives.

I help seasoned women learn how to sustain a self-defined, fulfilling identity of their own while still maintaining the necessary relationships of life.

I understand how well you’re a Non-Conformist! We don’t blend in unless we want to. We don’t think like everyone else. Our needs for soul expression are… very individual. I understand all that about you at a soul deep level.

Peg McMahan – California beach vacation

Happy day! When you have a few minutes, listen to my Unwind & Relax in 5 Minutes Guided Meditation. You’ll be glad you did!


I’ll ask you the important questions, offering guidance and support while you elevate your consciousness in both your inner and outer worlds, prompting spiritual growth and material manifestations. Together we create an ambitious game plan to develop and live your vision, tapping into your intuition, moving closer to your highest potential.

You’ll discover your unique ‘flow,’ bridging the inner and outer worlds of soul, spirit, and higher source. You’ll deepen your feeling of peace and acceptance in your body.

Imagine discovering a deep sense of peace within yourself, finding balance between meaningful work and play, moving from struggle, body-based fear or numbness, to inner peace and the joy of being alive here on Mother Earth! Isn’t it wonderful?

And… You’ll find adventure! Your ‘before and after’ pics will be amazing. Your ultimate destination is in sight!

All this deep discovery work prompts you to transform your self-image, emotions, and outlook on just about anything.

You’ll be open to enlightening new ways of thinking and being, with an expanding consciousness and stronger connection with your inner self, making the connection deep and meaningful in ways you’ve never known before.

All this while maintaining your sense of humor, your sense of self, your core identity, knowing who you are on the inside and the outside.

Believe me, I understand all this because I’ve been there — done that, and I want to help you get over those first few hurdles so you can focus on the real stuff and make some tangible, really dynamic progress forward. I did it — so can you. With enthusiasm!

I have come to pull you out of yourself, 

and take you in my heart.

I have come to bring out the beauty you never knew you had

and lift you like a prayer to the sky. — Rumi

About Me

I love my life — I have many interests and hobbies. I’m good at many things, with lots of experience. I’ve been the business manager for water/wastewater and civil engineering firms. I’ve been the office manager for many different types of businesses ranging from hospitality to juvenile detention. (Hmmm, another form of hospitality? Love those kids!)

I’m an exceptionally good hypnotherapist and Advanced Life Purpose Coach. (Visit me on LinkedIn.) (Visit me on FaceBook.)

I’m also an artist. I draw and paint and craft and sew clothes and all kinds of stuff.

And I love to dance!

This is Serafina Fortuna, my alter ego. I was a bashful little girl, but not anymore! I really miss my long copper-colored hair.

Most importantly, I’m a mom. And a grandma.

And those are my very best accomplishments ever! After raising two magnificent daughters, what can compare to that? How can it get better? Well, if you’re like me, you know that while you’ll always be their mom, they don’t need you on hand for every scrape and groan.

What is your core identity? Who are you, really?

So you’ll understand when I say that I had some … difficulties … deciding what I want to be when I grow up… finding my core identity. I went back to college for a psychology degree. I attended seminars and workshops. I took online courses in this and that — learned a lot! I’ve had a 20-year massage therapy business, life coaching practice, hypnotherapy, hand analysis (What does your heart line say about your love life?)

I’m like you. I’ve been around the block a few times, learned some stuff and repeated some stuff. Cried a lot and kept growing and going. When life knocked me down, I got right back up.

Now that you know a bit about me, shall we work together to solve some of the problems of the world? LOL

Bonus Freebie!

How to Use Your Body-Responses to Interpret Intuition

You’re interested in the mystical and wondering how to apply it to your everyday life.

Following your intuition is scary! What if it’s your Ego getting in your way — again?

Please join my community of seekers and finders, your kindred spirits, and sign up for some adventurous and enlightening tips for living a happy and abundant life.

You’ll receive a link to download Your Body Knows the Answer Your Mind is Second Guessing: Using Your Body-Responses to Interpret Intuition.  It’s a short module from my workshop  Tune Into Your Intuition and Empathy – Your Inner Power to Trust Yourself in the Unknown – Living a life of intuitive awareness as your natural normal

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