“I want to feel loved, successful, healthy.” And now she does.

You are a Wise Woman Awakening.

It’s been coming to me for awhile, this feeling that I’m birthing something. It’s not really something new; it’s a different way of perceiving it.

My spirit guides have been telling me for several months that ‘something,’ a new sprout of my work, is coming on, that I had a few things to learn and then I would know.

When I think about shamanism as a practice for myself, my soul sinks into ease, comfort. The stress drops away like it had never been. I enter a different state of being.

Actually, my spirit guide tells me that I am already a shaman. I haven’t learned the ways of the indigenous shamans, so

I wonder that I am a spiritual guide for the Contemporary Mystic, the Contemporary Wise Woman, she who is Awakening into her own power and presence.

When I consider this, I feel relief!!! I feel at ease, like this is my niche, my spot, my place in the cosmos.  So I’m going to roll with this and see where it takes me.

It’s still coming into being. I’m close, though. I am enough.

∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙

Spiritual Sage ♀ Wise Women Awakening

You’ve been gazing at it longingly for what feels like decades.

A clearer idea of what you’ve been searching for would be nice, though. A clearer vision, a clearer thought, a clearer song. Clarity!

It’s like crossing a bridge without knowing what’s on the other side. Kinda scary but oh, so exciting, too!

You feel the urge like an itch underneath your skin that you can’t get to.

The urge to begin a creation, a transformation.

And the urge is so strong it pesters you night and day.

Awakening… You’re solution-focused, action-oriented. Searching, seeking. Looking for the answer. What could it be?

It feels like your old, dried-up skin no longer fits and itches like crazy.

The Awakening… You shed it, the dried-up old skin. You step out of it…

And that’s when your eyes open and your magical transformation truly begins.

The Art of Creation is truly yours to play with, to create beautiful things, beautiful sounds, beautiful feelings.

Awakening… When you master your mystic power and your ability to dream your genuine dream, anything is possible.

The Way of the Wise Woman ♀ Awakening delivers Wisdom Teachings and Transformative Meditations

So you can Awaken into your own mystic power and spiritual presence, fulfilling your destiny.

It’s time to cross the bridge. What delights might there be on the other side?

The Way of the Wise Woman Awakening ♀ Soul Journey

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See you soon. We’re going to have so much fun. Email me with questions, because I’m happy to help.

Lotsa hugs,

Peg McMahan HHP CHt LMT
Spiritual Sage ♀ Wise Women Awakening

Soul Journey Hypnosis → Expansive Self-Awareness → Awakening

Fantastic Hypnotherapist • Life Coach • Reiki Master • Intuitive • Speaker for the Dead

My pic of a foot bridge crossing the Florida River above Lemon Lake, Durango CO. What might you find on the other side?


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