Meet Shelby Cat, my new bestie

Shelby Cat + Peg

My heart was lonely. I have great family and friends, but as a WFH hermit, I don’t get much face-to-face interaction.

In 2020, my long-term BF and I broke up, followed by my mom’s terminal diagnosis. I dropped everything (I was in the throes of moving) to go out of state to caregive for her. She died a few months later. Still cry…

The last couple of years have been unhappy ones, with bits of brightness here and there, because I do have great family and friends. But at home, I was lonely.

I’ve been wanting a cat, but I knew I would be out of town a lot through the Spring so I waited ugh. I haven’t had a cat in 5 years, the longest I’ve ever gone without my Cat Slave status.

And now the wait is over!!! Meet my new roommate, Shelby Cat. She’ll be 2 yo in September. Unlike most adult cats who hide for days in a new home, she’s adventurous. By the first evening, she was in my lap and following me around, purring. My lonely days are over!

It’s hard to take a selfie of an adventurous cat… This pic is kinda wobbly, but my life is straightening out now!

I’m wondering if Shelby Cat sees ghosts and talks to spirits…

I’m sure you’ll be hearing lots more about my adventurous little buddy. We’re going to have a magical life!

UPDATE: She yowled for half the night. Right now, she’s sleeping off her night of debauchery. I’m sure she’ll be fresh as a daisy at bedtime. <rolling eyes>

UPDATE #2 She’s a social eater. She follows me around, yowling, wanting me to sit down and eat with her.

Sharpen your Intuition and Empathy

Shelby Cat’s Celebration★ offer, a personal session for you to learn how to interpret your gut instincts and fine-tune your intuition. No more second guessing! I’m happy to answer questions……/tune-in-to-your-intuition…/

Lotsa hugs,
Peg McMahan, Cat Slave Extraordinaire

I help introverts, empaths, and intuitives expand and strengthen your extra sensory perceptions, so you can trust your instincts to navigate the mountains and valleys of boring, chaotic life so you can live a life you love… doing work that feeds your soul – and your bank account!

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