What’s bothering you? Soul Contract Psychic/ Intuitive Readings


Past life regression? What could be more interesting than finding out more about you? You’ve been trying so hard to make that change. No matter how hard you try, it just doesn’t work out. Is it karma or fate? Is Loki the Trickster running rampant through the aisles of your life? Arrgh! You could find your answer in your past lives. Past Life Regression is easy and fun. Includes downloadable guided meditation.

Minor Soul Contracts Intuitive Readings

Life has really been like a tumbleweed, hasn’t it? Prickly and brittle, being blown here and there, breaking bits and pieces. You feel like you’ll never get out of the drudgery, the loneliness, or the overwhelm.

Your dreams may be bitter or sweet.

Minor soul contracts can be deadly

These are the subconscious contracts you made in the spur of the moment, probably when you were young. They helped you get by, and maybe even survive.

Minor Soul Contracts are usually made in order to survive or get our needs met, such as

  • Making lots of money so The Parent will love us
  • Work long hours so The Boss will treasure us
  • Be submissive so the Spouse will…


What you get in this single session:

Some contracts are subconscious; some are unconscious; some are inherited; some are from past lives. You’ll find out which spur of the moment agreement is impacting your life right now.

  1. You’ll get a Minor Soul Contracts session 55-minutes (Zoom call). We’ll chat about your main concern, then you’ll experience a guided meditation showing you the minor contract that’s messing up your life with the opportunity to re-write it.
  2. My “Rest & Relaxation” Guided Meditation downloadable audio
  3. Life Balance Assessment so you can clearly see which aspects of your life are teetering out of balance.

After your session, you feel rested and refreshed, feeling hopeful, with some new clarity. This single session will get you started.

Lotsa hugs,

Peg McMahan, HHP, CHt, LMT (Cat Slave Extraordinaire)

Be a Goddess! Boost your love life, relationships, health, career – soulfully!


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