Peggy McMahan Hypnosis/Life Coaching
Helping you get what you want and feel good, too!

You know how you’re sitting there on Monday morning and next week looks the same as last week,

and you haven’t even made it through this week yet?

You wonder if there’s any zest left in life?

You know how you’ve been wanting to change something,

but no matter how hard you try, nothing ever seems to work?

And then you wonder if this is how it’s gonna be for the rest of your life?

I can help you with that.

Mind, body and soul,

I help you get what you want,

do what you want to do,

go where you want to go,

and feel good, too!

Many mature women feel deeply disheartened and disappointed at the thought of never living a life they love,

especially after all the years they’ve put into everyone else’s hopes and dreams.

The problem is that they haven’t found a do-able way to change their mindset,

and deep down inside they believe they don’t deserve it or aren’t worthy.

They haven’t found a way to neutralize nasty subconscious beliefs that stop them in their tracks — a permanent way that sticks.

I get it because I’ve been there!

I’ve been there imagining that I would never be able to live a life I love, with wonderful work that feeds my soul, and a lovely home life.

If you want clarity to live a life you love,

getting paid to do work that feeds your soul,

with a home life you love to go home to,

then I can help you do just that.

Because I see the real you…

And hypnosis combined with life coaching is the easiest and quickest way I know of to make those deep changes you crave.