Harmony Hypnosis Audio for less stress, overeating, overspending, or poor relationships

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What if you could simply listen to an audio before sleeping to help you eat right, keep your cool, or reduce overspending? My less-stress light hypnosis method works almost like magic! (Sigh, there’s no magic wand, just an effective hypnosis audio to listen to.)

Hypnosis is simple, targeted, and affordable. You’ll feel rested and relaxed while you manifest a breakthrough mindset change. It’s a bone deep transformation that’ll carry you through this holiday. It’s even more effective than making a New Year’s Resolution (that you wouldn’t follow through on anyway). Let’s try it! You have nothing to lose (except some stress and maybe some pounds).

It’s the New Year and you’re wishing it would go differently than last year.

  • Stress! Crying. Sobbing. Angry. Depressed.
  • Over-Eating!
  • Over-Spending!
  • Tense people and poor relationships!

What if you could moderate all that with a simple, easy to use light hypnosis technique on audio?

Interesting, right?

What if you could listen to an effective hypnosis audio just before sleeping…

That could moderate your “over the top” behavior? (like the muffin top spilling over your waistband)

  • Or overeating so much that you feel yucky? And fat.
  • Or the dangerously low bank account balance?
  • Or the high-stress credit card balance?
  • Or the stress of spending time immersed in tense relationships?

Would you be interested in that?

Well, of course you are!

What if you could get it on sale?

What if you could also get this excellent custom hypnosis audio while it’s on sale? Even better!! I usually charge $297-$497 for a VIP session, so this is your best chance.

Here’s how it would go.

We’ll talk via Zoom or phone, or in person if you’re in Durango, about your primary goal:

  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Money

With that done, I’ll compose and record an effective hypnosis audio that’ll help you change your faulty subconscious beliefs on that subject so you can live your life with less stress — because you’ll be able to see exactly when your sneaky snarky Inner Critic pokes its nose into your doings.

Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Yes, of course!

It’s really easy to do. It’s really easy to accomplish your goal because all you have to do is listen to the hypnosis guided meditation audio before sleeping. Yes, it’s that easy.

Guided meditation hypnosis is safe and easy

Using my light hypnosis technique in a guided meditation, you’re always aware and in control.

American Health Magazine reported astonishing findings from a study about recovery using these methods:

  • Hypnotherapy: 93% recovery after 6 sessions
  • Behavior Therapy: 72% recovery after 22 sessions
  • Psychoanalysis: 38% recovery after 600 sessions

This means you can silence your sneaky snarky Inner Critic. The Gremlin. The Grinch.

Hypnosis is simple, targeted, and affordable.

What else do you get?

Your custom audio purchase also includes

  • Rest & Relaxation Guided Meditation Audio download
  • Chakra Imbalance Assessment
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