Spread Your Wings of Potential and Let the Magic Flow!

My Aspiring Phoenix has a few tattered feathers, but she’s pregnant with Potential and has the Dreaming Moon within her reach.

My dear friends,

You know what it’s like to be in the throes of birthing something.

  • The pain, the angst.
  • The feeling that if only you were good enough.
  • Could work harder.
  • Had more talent.
  • Or be a better… accountant… artist… writer…programmer… mom… wife…

You name it. You’ve been there, in that spot, more times than you can count. Me, too.

One day while working on my website, I discovered there’s a place to put a logo. I’d been playing around with the idea of the flaming phoenix as my logo, so I thought about it some more.

I haunted Pinterest, looking at tribal tattoos of birds in flight. Wow, there are some really pretty ones! I found one that I loved: the shadow of a bird behind a dancing woman.

So I tried to draw one of my own. Snort, she came out looking like a mermaid instead of a bird in flight, lol. Back to the drawing board!

Then it came together. When I sat down to breakfast, I thought about what I really want my logo to mean and realized that a sharp, clear tattoo-style pic doesn’t portray what my work is about.

The work I love is about inspiring the seasoned woman to spread her wings of higher potential,

to begin a profound and meaningful transformation,

to create magic in her life, and

make her deepest dreams come true.

To learn how to sustain a self-defining, fulfilling identity of her own while still maintaining the relationships of life.

We all have some tatters in our spirit because we’ve lived (ahem) a few years… We’ve been around the block a few times; sometimes around several different blocks.

With this in mind, I pulled my drawing pad close, picked up a pencil and started sketching, asking the magic to flow through me.

I just let it flow, instead of overthinking it and trying to get each line perfect.

I wanted to express potential – the potential that we all use for creation.

After all, none of us is made up of straight lines. Our lines have bumps and shreds, ragged endings. However, our Pool of Potential has no boundaries.

Rising from the flames of rebirth, my Aspiring Phoenix has a few tattered feathers, but she’s pregnant with Potential and the Dreaming Moon is within her reach.

I wanted to share my moment of freedom with you, so thank you for being there for me.


Magical Mystical Mini Workshops

If you’re anything like me, you’re really fed up with the constrictions we’ve been living under for the last year+half.

If a moment of freedom resonates with you, please check out my upcoming online mini-workshops. I’ve been refining them so that they have more of the mystic and less of the “straight lines.”

I’m more than ready to escape the ordinary for some fun! What about you?

I love hosting these workshops, so please join me and let’s be delighted together!

Lotsa Hugs,

Peg McMahan, HHP, CHt, LMT

Adventurous Journeys of the Spirit for Bone Deep Transformation ✵ Holistic Health Practitioner ✵ Hypnotherapist ✵ Life Purpose Coach ✵ Reiki Master ✵ Intuitive Speaker ✵ Spiritual Medium

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