Why Money Affirmations Don’t Seem to Work

Groan! You’ve been positively affirming what you positively want for what feels like decades and yet nothing has happened. Why not? For most of us, it’s relatively simple. It’s all in your mindset.

Let’s talk about money, for example. I can name several recent clients who stated a problem of “need more money” with despair pouring from their voices, knowing that they had done what everyone said to do (chant affirmations all day and half the night, 24/7), but it didn’t work for them.

They work so hard at it, but still, hot tears fall from their hopeless eyes.

You may have some money issues, too. You’ve been affirming:

  • I want more money. I’m a money magnet. Or something like that.
  • When that didn’t work, it changed to: I want enough money to pay my bills and have some left over, enough to go out for lunch with friends (cuz you don’t want to ask for too much…).
  • And because you’re basically hopeful, you added: I want enough money to take a vacation, get some time away from it all.

Well, believe me, the Universe heard you and provided. I know that’s hard to believe, but…

Money Manifestation — You Already Did It

Remember that penny you picked up in the parking lot? That’s “more money.”

You do manage to pay your bills, but you’re still struggling a bit even though you go out for lunch sometimes. Well, that’s #2: “enough money.”

You went away for the day or weekend, to the park, maybe to the next town to browse and window shop. Yep, you guessed it, that’s #3: a vacation, time away from it all.

So, you see, the Universe is looking out for you and has been giving you what you asked for.

Here’s the momentous take-away: You did it! You already manifested exactly what you asked for, so toot your horn and toss some confetti!

And therefore, you can do it again. It’s all in how you look at it. It’s all in your mindset.

And this time, dream big. Dream Bigger.

But first, let’s do some unmanifesting.


Yeah, that sounds odd, but it’s true. You may have to unmanifest before you can manifest. For example:

I love my clothes. I have clothes that are 20 years old because I love them and won’t part with them. I’m easy on clothes, so they still look good. (I still have my hiking boots that my then-BF gave me in 1990.)

I also want new clothes, but my closets are full! There’s no space for new clothes!

The answer is to unmanifest a few things to empty some clothes hangers so I’ll have space for new clothes.

I mean this literally. I remember looking through a rack of clothes and thinking that I couldn’t buy anything new because my closet was too full already.

Now you tell me, how limiting is that thought? (I went home and started filling a bag to donate to the thrift store.)

Mindset: It’s All in How You Think About It

As I said: It’s all in your mindset. It’s in how you think about things.

You might be thinking thoughts like these:

  • You want ‘more money.’ The Universe loves this one. “More money” is the penny you picked up in the parking lot.
  • You want ‘enough money’ to meet your obligations and have some left over. How much money is that?
  • You want to take a vacation. What does a vacation look and feel like? How much money is that?
  • Very importantly, how do you want to feel about the money you have or receive?
  • Are you sure you want ‘more money’? Or is it something else that you need?

Affirmations need a bit more detail than this. These affirmations are vague, as well as limiting.

So let’s talk about limiting statements for a moment.

Limits and Roadblocks and How to Get Around Them

“I want enough money to meet my obligations” is a limiting statement because it doesn’t qualify what “enough” actually means to you. How much is “enough”?

Here’s a visual: Imagine a stick painted yellow (because yellow means caution) and imagine that it represents “more money” and “enough money to meet my obligations.” It starts with $500 on the left and ends on the right at the dollar amount you need for your obligations, such as $3,000 for example.

Notice that I said “ends at.” To end something is to limit something to that end.

That’s definitely limiting your ability to manifest what you want. The $3,000 number acts like a roadblock in the back of your mind. You’re thinking about money, thinking that you need $3,000 to pay your bills this month. $3,000 is the number that is floating around in the back of your mind. Your attention and energy are going into getting $3,000 dollars.

Now imagine a long stick and paint it green, because green means GO and dollar bills are green. Imagine that the left end starts at the dollar amount you actually need to meet your obligations. Let’s call it $3000 again just to make it simple.

See all that green space to the right of your starting point? Instead of a limit, you have all that positive space available for the Universe to be creative! (Remember geometry class? A straight line goes on and on and on… There really is no limit.)

OK, so you want to earn…. Hmmmm $4,000 per month. I live in a rural area, so that’s OK. You may live in a high-priced city, so it might be pocket change. Now imagine your $4,000 after the IRS bites it. Whoops. Better ask for more.

What’s your new dollar number? Let’s call it $5,000. Imagine your green stick again and write $5,000 on the left. Oh my, look at all that space to the right! It just goes on and on, off into space!

That is how you delete the roadblock and keep going. You start with where you are now and go from there.

Limitations can be sneaky

You already know about limiting thoughts, that little voice that tells you that “you can’t…” This is a bit different.

Affirmation: I am a hypnotherapist with an income of $5,000 per month. That sounds like a good, positive affirmation, stating your chosen career and how much money you want to make.

This could be a limiting statement because it limits your income to one source (hypnotherapist) and it limits the amount of income to $5,000 per month.

It doesn’t allow for creativity on your part — or for the Universe to have fun. What if you want to add something else to your business? What if you want to expand?

And: What if you’re a ____, but you’d rather be a ____? And what if you’ve learned and grown so much, that you’re really a ____?

(Another word to strike out is “earn” because earn means you have to work for something rather than allowing the Universe to be creative in sourcing it to you.)

Your affirmation could go like this: I am a freelancer with multiple sources of income greater than $5,000 per month.

Breaking it down, I am a freelancer means that you do many different things. You have choices, something that’s very important.

Having multiple sources of income allows you to do many different things. (My INFJ personality type doesn’t allow me to do just one thing. Boring!)

And I absolutely love giving myself and the Universe the option of providing an amount greater than $5,000 every month!

An income greater than…?

Imagine that beautiful green go-stick again. If you say you want an income of $5,000, you set a limit. When you say an income greater than $5,000, you give it a starting point, a number which will work for you and allows space to grow. Imagine the positive end of your green stick streaking off into an infinity of abundance!

Guess what? The Universe rejoices and has fun with this statement! And so do you.

Your Traffic Controller

Another reason to use this style of composing your affirmations is because it bypasses some of the negative mindset stuff you learned as a child. Your subconscious mind is curious and creative but believes in limits because that’s how it kept you safe when you were a kid. Let’s call this mindset your Traffic Controller.

Traffic Controller likes routine and things it’s already done. Setting your affirmation with an amount your Traffic Controller believes is do-able as your starting point by-passes the limit-setting your Traffic Controller insists upon, believing that it’s keeping you safe.

However, when your starting point is something you have already accomplished or obtained, your Traffic Controller firmly believes in it already.

So the key is to start with where you are now, or with something you accomplished before now (something you have actually done), and let your Traffic Controller’s imagination run free with where you can go from there. Make it believable. Do it in increments.

What He/She Said

How did the adults in your childhood refer to people who had more money than they did? Repeating phrases like ‘filthy rich’ will limit your ability to attract money, unless you like being filthy.

Write down the ways that you heard (and maybe still hear) people talk about money or rich people. Eye opening, isn’t it?

So be mindful about how you think about money. Treat it like your best friend, someone you love. Change your self-talk so that money is desirable and attainable.

And… There are some personality types who believe that money is least important — and live in near poverty because of that thought. For those of you with that belief, be mindful that money can help you accomplish that which you wish to do for others. Help yourself so you can help others.

Get Started in Three Simple Steps

Here are three simple steps to get started:

Step 1: How do you want to feel?

Most importantly, think about how you want to feel because that’s more important than having a dollar amount. Thinking about feeling independent, wealthy, rich, happy, healthy, able, etc., is more helpful to achieving your dreams than a dollar number. Emotion helps it expand and grow.

Step 2: Create an expansive affirmation statement.

Let your mind wander while you think about it. Wander over into the wacky and crazy. You’ll find some really good stuff there. Write your statement in a way that makes you feel good about your possibilities. That’s very important — that it makes you feel good.

I am a _______(feeling) _____________________________________ (freelancer, entrepreneur, happy person, go-getter, positive force for change, etc., it just needs to be something you believe to be true) with multiple streams of income greater than $ ____________________. (Oh, dream bigger, add another zero!)

Write it down in your journal; write it on a sticky note and stick it to the mirror; stick another one on your steering wheel or radio. Write it in all the languages you know or are studying. Write it again every day. Repeat often. Say it out loud and add emotion to it: Smile whenever you see it and say it. Laugh with joy at the thought of having it!

You see, it’s all about your mindset and with this one statement, you are happily telling yourself, your subconscious mind, exactly what to believe about You. When you add emotion to your statement, it deepens and expands.

The Universe hears and your subconscious mind will make mountains move to achieve your goal, to obtain that which you want.

Step 3: Key Tip — Start with Where You Are Now.

Start with where you are right now and add to that. If your income right now is $3000/month, add a couple or few hundred for your goal. $4000 per month adds up to $48,000 this first year.

Expand your statement:

I am a (feeling word) _____________________________________ with multiple streams of income greater than $ ________________. (And smile when you say it!)

Here are some sample affirmations you could tweak for yourself:

  • Money is a tool. It comes to me along the path of least resistance and I happily accept it.
  • I am frugal and mindful in my spending habits. I put-off pleasure shopping and think twice before buying which makes me happy.
  • My skills and talents are valuable. My willingness to share my talents makes me rich in many ways and I am filled with gratitude for all this abundance.
  • I love money and nurture it so that money grows abundantly in my life and there’s more than enough all the time.

Manifesting, Believability, and the 10-Year Plan

In working with hypnotherapy clients, I found that changes happen in increments that are believable. To state that you’ll be a millionaire by next week when you’re flat broke today is, well, unbelievable for most of us.

Start with an amount a little higher than your current income; it’s do-able and you’re willing to go an extra step upward; then in four to six weeks, up it to the next level. Repeat.

Give yourself a do-able timeline, too. A 10-Year Plan is good, but how do you get from here to there? That 10-Year Plan dollar number might not feel believable with the limiting beliefs you have right now, and it’s important that it feels somewhat believable.

Your wants, needs, and plans are going to change. You may want to be a plumber, but you might find your dream job is designing backyard landscapes. You might like to sew, and you might end up designing your friends’ delightful wedding dresses.

We often label ourselves as something that we eventually grow out of — which is a very good thing. Be flexible.

Focus! Be consistent

According to Abraham Hicks, if you keep changing the image or thought of what you want, you delay manifestation because the creative energy has to start over each time you change your mind. Makes sense, right?

Do It the Easy Way with Hypnosis / Life Coaching

If you want

  • clarity to
  • live a life you love,
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  • with a home life you love to go home to,

then I can help you do just that because I see the real you, and hypnosis combined with life coaching is the easiest and quickest way I know of to make those deep changes you crave.

Contact me for more information.


You learned it as a child: Say thank you. Be grateful for what you have.

Be happy with what you have while you work for what you want. That gives you and the Universe something to build on.

Thank you for ____. I choose more of this, please.

Give lots of attention to changing your self-talk about rich people. Change your self-talk about to yourself into something positive and hopeful.

Remember this: You’ve already manifested what you asked for way back then. You did it once; YOU CAN DO IT AGAIN. It’s all in how you look at it and how you phrase it. It’s all in your mindset.

And this time, dream big. Dream Bigger. Add another zero! Plan that vacation!

Lotsa hugs,

Peg McMahan, HHP, CHt, LMT

Be a Goddess! Hypnotherapy for • delightful love life • better health habits • strong relationships • satisfying career • alignment with your soul’s intentions.

Photo by Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash.

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