How to find the personal, spiritual, sacred meaning in your life, wisely conversing with your soul

∙ Who are you? ∙ What do you want? ∙ What do you do? ∙ Where do you want to go? ∙ What do you want your life to look like in 5 years?
Are you doing or being? All good questions, right?
And if you’re like me, you’ve got that ‘deer in the headlights’ look in your eyes…
I help you find the personal, spiritual, sacred meaning in your life, teaching you how to wisely converse with your soul and get answers.
After decades of finding your meaning in other people’s lives (The Mom, Wife, Daughter, Employee),  – which was important! – you now have the mental space and attention to turn inward…
… Because you are at the psychological phase in life where you’re ready to make the leap and dive deep. Into yourself.
It’s time to find your own personal meaning, the one that’s been gestating in the core of your being for your entire life.
This is a lovely transformation, a mindset shift so you can see and feel the beauty of the mystery of who you really are. Your before & after will shift. Your health, your relationships, your work life – all will gain clarity and you’ll be able to shift them into alignment with your values. You’ll learn how to use your intuitive gifts and trust them.
I ‘ve been doing this work for 23 years and have witnessed blossoming and transformation for many seekers.
I help you dive deep with several tools including hypnosis, Reiki energy clearing, and trauma release in my Be a Goddess! Wise Woman ♀ Awakening hypnotherapy program where you can breakthrough your subconscious compulsions and awaken the fire in your soul.

You can be a Wise WomanAwakening and literally transform your outlook on life, change the stuff you don’t like, and manifest the stuff you DO want. It’ll help you clear your energy so you’ll be shining bright and beautiful.

Be a Goddess! I love talking about my work, so let’s set-up a chat to answer your questions about hypnosis and how you can clear your energy and break through.

Pic: This is the real me huggin’ a tree on a Saturday morning in the mountains. Pic by CS.

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