Feeling Scattered? Overloaded? Guided Meditation for Overload – Lower Body

You know the feeling: rushed, overloaded, overwhelmed.

Like even if the day were 10 hours longer, you still wouldn’t have time to do everything you need to do.

Like there are so many people who want you to do something, but you’re only one person so how can they expect you to do everything?

Sigh. They can expect it and they do expect it.

So you do the best you can.

How to be more grounded

In my last newsletter, you learned how massaging your palms and fingers can help you relax. It’s especially useful in places where you can’t close your eyes for several minutes, places like the long line to the checkout stand.

This circular grounding breath for the lower body is an easy spiritual practice that doesn’t require anything but your attention.

It’s another good method for staying grounded when you’re feeling overwhelmed and overloaded.

After you’ve practiced it a few times, you’ll be able to get it running even when you can’t sit quietly –when you’re waiting for something.

Before you start, check-in with yourself. On a scale of 1 low to 10 high, how grounded do you feel right now?

Guided Meditation for Overload (audio)

Here is a short audio leading you through the meditation.

For the first few times, make sure you’re in a safe place. Sit or lie down quietly and close your eyes.

  • Focus on your feet, wiggle your toes, imagine growing roots deep into the Earth.
  • Now bring your focus up into your legs, to your pelvis. You can imagine them as colors of the aura or sensations you feel. Any way you want to imagine them is good.
  • Imagine your legs, feel them.
  • Starting at your roots deep in the Earth, breathe in through your foot,
  • Breathe up your leg to your belly, across your pelvis and
  • Down the other leg, out your foot into the Earth.
  • Now make it a circle by connecting to the first foot,
  • Breathing up the leg, across, down the other leg and foot, into the earth.

Breathe your lower body circle a few times, until you feel grounded and better.

Check-in, how grounded do you feel now, after the meditation?

OK, now you’ve learned how to run the circle. Do it again, and this time, watch for the glitches and hiccups. Those are spots you might want to pay attention to because they have something to tell you. If you need some help with this part, contact me.

Later on, we’ll talk about the macrocosmic orbit and how you can use this technique to help balance the many meridians of energy flowing through your body, mind, and soul. It’s just as easy. You might even have a breakthrough. It’s that powerful.


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