How to stop the overwhelm in an empathic introvert’s daily life

It happened again. You stopped in the middle of doing something you needed to do, so you could tend to someone’s needs or wants. The load piles up.

So you’re trying to take care of the pile, but someone else comes along with another need that you rush to fulfill. The load piles higher.

And the needs and wants of other people keep stopping you from taking care of routine stuff.

The load has turned into Burden. You feel like you’re hauling a gunnysack full of heavy rocks.

You can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. And if you can see a pinprick of light ahead, you may worry that it’s a big truck rushing toward you.

It might be a disaster on its way – because you work hard to make everyone else happy, even at the expense of your own happiness and health.

The load continues to pile higher and higher. The gunnysack gets heavier and heavier.

You don’t even have the time to just think, to sit and reflect, to attend to your spirituality.

You’re restless. And too tired.

You may or not be able to change your life, so what can you do about it?

Routines and Rituals are your hidden superpower

Routines and rituals are an important part of a stable and happy life for introverts/ empaths/ intuitives/ highly sensitive people. For example, I have a morning routine which includes a meditation ritual, a mental review of my to-do list, shower, and breakfast.

It helps me stay on track and get-done what I want to get-done that day, with a reminder of what I want to get-done that week or month.

(Laughing at myself here) For example, if I don’t shower soon after I get out of bed, I’ll find myself in my pajamas LOL turning on the shower at 3pm. Because as much as I enjoy the soothing sensation of running water on my skin and a relaxing scalp massage, once I get started on my to-do list, I have a hard time making myself stop, lol.

How to reduce the overwhelm

Most of us continue the routine we learned as a child. Does that routine actually work for your lifestyle? Do you have the time and attention to do it the way it was always done?

Is it in alignment with your standards and values?

When I was a young, single mom with two young children, I was always exhausted. Get myself and the girls up, fed, and ready for school and work. Rush to work, then rush home to cook dinner, help with homework, clean the messes, etc. Weekends consisted of house cleaning and laundry.

I was exhausted! I never felt good. The housework routine I learned from my mom doesn’t work for me.

Pick an intuitive routine

Much later in life (the girls are grown with families of their own), I learned to stretch the housework over the week instead of one exhausting day. It was one of the best ideas and life changes I ever made.

It’ll work for you, too. Plan it. Follow your hunches. Let your intuition be your guide. For example,

  • Wash one load of laundry per day and spread loads out over the week. I know someone who does one load of laundry almost every day.
  • Put away that load of laundry right after you pull it from the dryer so you won’t have it nagging at you all day. Or so the cat/dog doesn’t sleep in your clean clothes basket. (Wanna find the cat? Set out a basket of clean laundry.)
  • Clean the floors – kitchen on this day, bathroom on that day, vacuum on this other day.
  • Strip the beds/wash the sheets on the same day every week.

Sticking to your routine fills you with a wonderful sense of accomplishment. Allow yourself to feel good about that!

Discipline: handle it only once

As the former business manager for an engineering firm, I learned to “handle it only once,” so I know it’ll be helpful for you to set-up a routine discipline to:

  • Sort the mail daily and throw away the junk immediately.
  • File that sheet of paper now. Put it in the filing cabinet where you can actually find it later. Nope, that doesn’t mean you get to start a ‘filing stack’ to take care of when you have time. Do it now. Otherwise, it stacks up, overwhelming. (Been there, done that.)


Let’s talk about the pink elephant: Money. Income should be larger than Expenses. If it’s not, then adjust whatever you can so that Income is larger than Expenses. (Sigh. I know, I’ve been there.)

  • Pick a regular time to keep track of your Expenses and Income. Budget!
  • Pay bills in a timely manner. Pick a day and a time of day when your obligations don’t distract you. Just get it done. You’ll feel better and your money woes will seem less harsh.


Creativity can be anything. It can be how you fluff your comforter and place the pillows just right. It can be how you decorate your home. It can be how you arrange the food on your plate into a pleasing pattern. It can be what you choose what you wear.  Creativity can be anything.

  • Believe me when I say that feeding your Creative Self will make you happier.

How to create a do-able routine

Cut a few sheets of paper into 3″x3″ squares or use sticky notes. Write one day of the week on one 3″ sheet. Write one task or event on each 3″ sheet. Include Creativity. Include your job. Include the carpool. Include your weekly get-togethers and meetings. Laundry. Floors. Walking the dog. Include a blank sheet here and there to give you some leeway because you know stuff happens.

Move the 3″ sheets around under the days of the week until you feel like you have a do-able routine. Modify as you go along. You may find that washing laundry on the day you have a regular get-together or meeting might not work out. Keep modifying it until it fits comfortably with your lifestyle.

Remember that you’re feeling your way into an aligned way of life that works, so give yourself some time to adjust and make changes as you go along.

Morning Task Task Task Task Task Task Task
Mid Day Task Task Task Task Blank Task Task
Afternoon Task Blank Task Task Task Task Task
Evening Task Task Task Task Task Task Task

You know how you forget something crucial when you’re interrupted in your morning routine? You run out the door and realize your teeth are still fuzzy? You get to work and discover you forgot your mascara?

I also have a specific morning list. Roll out of bed, straighten the quilts and pile the pillows, drink water, stretch my muscles with a brief yoga flow, make a breakfast smoothie, shower, dress. I have to make myself avoid the computer because I’ll end up at 3pm still in my pajamas, LOL.

Be kind to yourself

Most importantly, congratulate yourself on your wins!

When you create a routine and stick to it, you have more energy and enthusiasm.

Your mind is calmer. The chaos slows down.

You’ll be able to contemplate your potential and see ways to bring it to fulfillment.

You might even escape the humdrum.

Routines and Rituals are necessary for introverts/ empaths/ intuitives/ highly sensitive ones

As an empath, you want everyone to be happy, even at the expense of your own happiness and health. As you already know, that’s not always so good.

Changing your routine and adding rituals to suit your actual lifestyle is one of the life habits I help introverts/ empaths/ intuitives/ highly sensitive people develop for themselves. It’s an important part of a fulfilling lifestyle, one where you’re mostly in control of your own time.

In today’s fast paced world, your daily routine may be the only control you have while the kids grow up, you work at a demanding job, you fit your needs into your mate’s wants and needs, etc. You know what I mean.

I help introverts/ empaths/ intuitives/ highly sensitive people who feel stuck clear the way so you can find clarity while you explore your destiny and get going.

You can re-create your life to suit your personality and your needs for alone time, rest, and relaxation, and still get the work done. You’ll start making friends with your Potential.

If you’re facing a transition, or wishing you were, you’re not alone. Chat with me to learn how you can re-create your life so that you <snort> get things done and still have energy left over for the stuff you’d really like to do. That would be nice, huh?

I know how scary it is to reach out, but your fears are just dust in the future. They’re stopping you from creating the desirable life you really want.

Let’s work together to help you journey your path of destiny with enthusiasm. You have a chance for a fantastic life filled with freedom and fulfillment! I did it. You can, too.

Today is the best day to begin your inspirational life plan so you can live a life you love. Feed your curiosity and click here to contact me now.

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