What makes you unique? Talents? Skills? Style? Your Life Role?

You’ve been The Wife/Husband for your partner…
The Mother/Dad for your kids…
The Daughter/Son for your parents…
The Manager/ Employee for your co-workers…

For so long you’ve almost forgotten the true you.
Because she’s been buried beneath obligations and expectations. For decades. Covered in sneezy dust.

What are your talents and skills?

I’ve been learning my trade in college, programs, and masterminds, with experts such as Trish Mathews/Destiny Detective and Patti Keating. Patti gave a short lesson of simple questions. (Just cuz they’re simple doesn’t mean easy!)

She asked us to tally how much we’ve invested in programs, coaching, masterminds, etc., to learn what we know, what we then teach to others.

I made a list of the programs and courses. There are a lot of them. I learned a lot, too.

It was kind of mind boggling to realize that I’ve spent $THOUSANDS$, five figures! for programs and masterminds to learn my stuff, not counting college or the hours + hours of psychotherapy.

All of that learning gets passed on to you! Isn’t that cool?

That question is also about Imposter Syndrome. That’s when you know your stuff, but you believe you’re not an expert, so therefore it’s not worth anything. I’m happy that Imposter Syndrome only occasionally pops up for me these days. Whew.

Another question was,

“What have you learned from life challenges that you can teach to other people?”

Then I made a list of what I’ve learned about myself over the years.

· How to stop being a pleaser to the detriment of myself (that’s a big one!)
· How to say No and stick with it
· How to stand up for myself and others
· How to speak up for myself and others
· That it’s ok to dress the way I want to dress (Hey, Boho is a style!)
· To go to the restaurant/ concert/ art show by myself and enjoy it
· How to let myself be adventurous, seek out adventure
· How to live alone and be satisfied with it

At the bottom of the list, I wrote:

How to explore deeply inside myself for the truth of who I really am, to be ok with that, and to express that truth in my daily life.

The inner search wasn’t near as hard as the ‘express it in my daily life’ part.

Who are You? What’s important to you?

You already know your life is out of balance. You’ve lost the magic. You’re overwhelmed in some areas while other areas aren’t getting enough, if any, attention.

You’re doing more stuff for other people than you should, but you feel driven to do it, even though you suffer for it.

“We never know the whole (wo)man, though sometimes, in quick flashes, we know the true (wo)man.” – Agatha Christie

Let’s look at what makes you tick.

What are your core values?

What must you have in your life? What can’t you not do? What gives you satisfaction?

We all have basic values about what we must have in our lives. This form will help you narrow it down to your top 5 core values. Most people select at least 10 that they like to have in their lives, but you really do have a select few that you absolutely can’t live without.

Narrow it down to the top 5 you can’t do without for any reason.

Life is a Balancing Act

You already have a good idea of what’s out of balance in your life. This form will help you  figure out the rest of it.

Go ahead and do it because it helps to put it in writing, where you can look at it and contemplate your thoughts. Make changes as your thoughts go deeper and deeper.

You’ll probably get some answers that surprise you, and others that create ‘well, duh’ moments. Sorry ’bout that.

That’s just how life goes. It is what it is.

However, that doesn’t mean it has to stay that way.

Your Soul Plan

Your Soul Plan is to experience certain situations, events, and emotions. How you get from here to there is up to you. It’s like driving to a destination where you can take this route, or go that route. It’s for sure that one route has more bumps and potholes than the other, right?

For example, you can experience job disillusionment just as easily in a high corporate position as at a fast food restaurant. You can experience relationship agony as a child, as well as in a marriage or other partnership.

You can experience happiness and satisfaction in a job you love, raising your child, living in a certain town, moving far away from your family, walking your dog, petting your cat, drawing a pretty picture, dead-heading flowers in your garden…

See what I mean? How you do it is up to you.

Where the magic lives

Then, with a discerning eye, look at your list of Top 5 Core Values and compare it to your Life Balance. In which areas are your core values taking a back seat?

Here comes the tough part. Start another list of …

What I can do about the areas that are skimpy in Core Values

This one is actually kinda fun. Be wacky with your ideas. Go way out on a limb. Include the stuff you wanted to do way back when. Include the stuff your inner child is urging you to do.

Let your inspiration lead you along pathways you’ve glimpsed and wondered about.

Keep going and you’ll finally get down to the raw part, the part where you’re ready to find out what to do next.

Remember you are a non-conformist at heart. Wanderlust is a great tool for the imagination.

By the time you write down your first list, you’ll already be feeling some enlightenment. Take a deep breath, because it’s a relief!

Questions? Contact me and I’ll respond. Be sure to include your email address!

Life is a dance, and you need the right partner

Something I often say is that your job is not who you are. Being a CEO/ manager/ bookkeeper/ admin assistant/ line worker is a job.

Being a teacher is a job. Being a massage therapist is a job. Being a counselor is a job. Selling health products is a job. Selling medical devices is a job.

While those occupations describe what you do for a living, and they describe some of your skills and talents, may even describe something that you enjoy and are good at, they are not the essence of who you are in the core of your being.

Who you are is something inherent that you apply to any job, relationship, etc.

The reality is that you’ve been dancing the same steps to the same tune for decades. It’s been painful, or boring. Fulfilling. Definitely challenging.

You may be in transition, or wishing you were. You may not be in a position to change your life, but you know something needs to change. It’s you.

 In dreamwork, the ‘car’ represents your life: Who’s driving it? What condition is it in? etc. What about the road? Is it in good condition? Level? Perhaps you’re ready for some changes in your life?

Santa Barabara CA photo by Peg McMahan

It’s time to add some mystical magic back into your everyday experience! Time to re-explore your Life-Role, your Life-Niche.

Discover who you really are — your core essence — and manifest it in real life with all the visionary wanderlust in your soul!

OK, so you’re feeling some resistance because you can’t change your life situation. Or you can’t envision how it could change.

That’s ok, because you’re really just changing how you see your life and how you act and react to what life throws at you.

Let’s chat so you can learn about some fascinating tools to help you manifest your True Essence of Being. It’s all about you, sweetie. Reply or contact me. We’ll have some fun!

Lotsa Hugs,

Be well. Be happy. Just be.
Peg McMahan, HHP, CHt, LMT

· Fantastic Life Coach · Hypnosis · Reiki Master
· Holistic Health Practitioner · Body-Centered Emotional Healing
· Past Life Regression · Intuitive Readings · Spirit Medium

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