“You’re too bossy.” “You’re a know-it-all.” How to boost your self-esteem

You might hear me say, “That’s right, because I am all powerful.”

Or you might hear me say, “I’m a goddess!”

Do you want to know why?

Because so many people in my lifetime have tried to beat me down, trying to make me fit into their little bitty box about how should behave, how I should dress, about what my opinions should or should not be.

Them: You’re too bossy.

Me: Yep, that’s because I’m all powerful. I have leadership skills!

Them: You’re a know it all.

Me: Yep, that’s because I studied and studied, and I read books and follow people who are experts. Yep, I probably do know more than you about this subject we’re trying to discuss if you weren’t so set on being right.

Them: I don’t know what that thing you’re wearing is, but it sure is bright.

Me: Yep, it’s beautiful! I feel like a goddess!

That’s me! I was a bashful child, but now I own my values and live in alignment with my soul’s purpose.

How to fake it til you make it

That’s it. Fake it. Practice it. Bring your magic into it.

When They tell you you’re too bossy, you reply, “Yep, I have leadership skills.”

When They criticize your style, your fashion sense, you reply, “Yep, I’m a goddess and I make my own style.”

Keep practicing. Every time you hear a criticism, you respond with a positive force for your behavior.

Someone once criticized his wife, saying that I’m bossy like she is. I replied, “Thank you! That’s a wonderful compliment!”

Summary: Just cuz they say it doesn’t mean it’s true.

Not everyone will see your true worth, the value you bring to your job, your group, your community.

Be yourself, the person who is living in alignment with her values and life purpose

We (the enlightened ones) will cheer you on! I promise that if you keep challenging Them, practicing it, you’ll hear the criticism less and less… and less. You’ll have a major breakthrough! And your life will transform. Your inner beauty will shine forth.

I’ll be offering freebie workshops in February for Relationships and Love in Minor Soul Contracts, and how they wreak havoc in your Love Life and at your job. I’ll let you know when. Stay tuned!

Lotsa hugs,

Peg McMahan, HHP, CHt, LMT, helping you evolve in alignment with your soul’s purpose so you can live a life you love! Transformation and regeneration for you.

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