Yuck? But no! It’s actually a positive outcome

Hello, my kindred spirit,

When I drew the first of these cards, I was taken aback. Yuck! I don’t want this one!

I much prefer being Little Miss Sunshine.

But as I delved deeper into the meaning of the two cards combined, I was relieved. I hope you are, too.


Three of Swords with the Ten of Pentacles

I view the 3 of Swords as the ‘heart break’ card. I mean, look at it! Your first glance sees three swords piercing a red heart. Ouch!

Whereas the Ten of Pentacles is a card filled with hope and success.

I had to sleep on this one, and my spirit guides came through like a shining chariot flying through the blue sky.

The cards look like opposites, but today’s spiritual guidance combines these two cards into a simple prompt …

• You are in a situation that is ending or needs to end. It’s probably bringing up some pain and fear for you

• and the outcome will be fortunate. You’ll be ok.

My good friend Trish Mathews commented that it could also mean you have to let go of something that you once held dear, to make energetic space for new opportunities. Hmmm. Makes sense.

You already know

If this resonates with you, you already know which situation is in question. You already know that the end is in sight. Your simple answer is that it’ll ultimately have a good ending.

Of course, you need to follow directions and prompts from your Spirit Guides. Ask your Ego to step aside and just listen, because you’ll need your Ego to help you implement the guidance.

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I’m looking forward to meeting you!

Peg McMahan, HHP, CHt, LMT
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Oracle card credit to © Waldherr, Kris. The Goddess Tarot (1999). US Games.

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