Chakra Cleanse and Balance Experience Series

“Lean into your failure.” Huh, that’s a thought. What could happen if I lean into a failure? Would I get some insight into why it’s failing? Would I understand how to nudge it? Then would I see different possibilities?

What if your failure point can be turned into an asset? What if that something you keep procrastinating about could become something beneficial when you put your time, attention, and effort into it?

This is another example of a clog or blockage in your chakra system.

Life is messy. There’s no getting around it, it’s just messy. When the mess hits too close to your core, and it hurts too much, that mess can settle into your chakras, causing all sorts of problems, like illness, relationship issues, money problems, etc.

I’ve been posting in social media about the chakras and how they affect the life you live. So I thought that you might be interested, too. My upcoming chakra cleanse and balancing series starts on Thursday May 5, 2022 at 4pm MDT.

This workshop series is a mix of light hypnosis and guided meditation. As I said, it’s done for you. All you need is your vivid imagination.

Chakra 1

Chakra 1 Connection to Mother Earth. Primitive instincts. Your center for safety, survival, security, order, and connection to the stability of the Earth below your feet.
• Imbalance: With growth, fear of scarcity becomes opening to abundance.
• Grace: Reverence.
• Imbalance: Despondency, despair transform to Joy, Hope.
• Shadow: Pride, Hubris

Chakra 2
What happens when you cleanse and balance your second Chakra?  More peace and joy; expansion of your creativity. Physical energy level, vitality. Clearing it allows success in the world. Good relationships. Passion, emotions, self-esteem, the sense of how we are loved or unloved.

Anger clogs it, fear of physical or emotional danger. Adrenal glands, fight or flight response. Opens to creativity and romantic intimacy. Physical energy level, vitality. Clearing it allows success in the world good relationships.

• One-to-one relationships.  Knowing who you are and how you want to express yourself. Emergence of the personal identity. Humility, companionship.
• Grace: Piety.
• Imagine how your life will be with less of the lessons related to sexuality, work, money, and physical desire.
• Imbalance: Fearfulness transforms into the ability to Face Your Fears. Money is not a substitute for life-force.
• Shadow: Greed, avarice. Greed for money, power, fame, attention, authority. One-to-one power plays, manipulation. “There is never enough.

Chakra 3
Empowerment. Personal power. The body’s physical energy level. Endurance and internal empowerment. The conscious self, center of your personal identity; self-esteem, self-respect, personal responsibility.

• Lessons related to the Ego, personality, responsibility, fear of rejection, oversensitivity to criticism self-entitlement, sexuality.
• Clearing it allows success in the world, and good relationships with others. To be clear about who we are and how we want to express ourselves; “Who am I?”  Uncertainty transforms into Knowing Your Own Mind.
• Grace: Understanding.
• Shadow: Self-Entitlement.

 Chakra 4

The heart. The center point. Love, compassion. Fortitude, courage. Your highest spiritual potential. Emotional climate, perceptions. Experience of love for all, love for everything.

•Clearing egotism, opens to greater capacity for intimacy.
Over-sensitivity to outside influences and ideas transforms to Stand Your Ground.
• Grace: Fortitude. At their core essence, relationships are spiritual messengers.
• Shadow: Wrath, Anger. Lessons related to some aspect of love and relationship; destructive anger, unforgiving. Anger that destroys.

That’s it for the moment. I’ll send you another letter in a few days with the rest of the chakras.

If you’d like more information, check-out these books: “Anatomy of the Spirit” by Caroline Myss and “The Four Insights” by Alberto Villoldo, PhD.


This short Chakra Cleanse Psychic Activation Experience series is a done-for-you, relaxing, restful experience, not something you have to study and learn.

When you’re finished, you’ll intuitively know how to do a thorough cleansing for yourself, anytime you’re feeling stuck or dissatisfied with life.

Gentle reminder: Until April 30, 2022, you can buy it for the small fee of $47 for all four group sessions. The fee rises to $97 on May 1.

Hope to see you there along with my other kindred spirits!

Lotsa Hugs,
Peg McMahan, HHP, CHt, LMT
Be a Goddess! Visionary Hypnotherapy for • a delightful love life • better health habits • strong relationships • meaningful work • align with your soul’s intentions.

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