Live like someone finally left the gate open! Cuz you have aspirations, too.

Like the Mystical Phoenix, we aspire to rise from the humdrum of life into hope and delight!


Recreating ourselves from the faded patches of our lives, like a beautiful handmade quilt.


Knitting ourselves back together from the frayed yarns of life into bold fulfillment.


Painting a new vision for an inspirational life to be lived… like someone finally left the gate open!

What if today you decide to reclaim your life? Fire up your passion?

What if you can go to that weekly class you’ve been yearning for? What about the delightful vacation that’s been on your wish list forever? Meet with your friends for some priceless girl time?

You’ve been The Wife for your partner… The Mother for your kids… The Daughter for your parents… The Employee for your co-workers… for so long you’ve almost forgotten the true you.

She’s been buried beneath obligations and expectations.

If you’d like to escape the humdrum…

If you want to explore the far reaches of your soul…

At some point, when you’ve had enough, you have let go of what you think your life should be like — and live in the present moment. Because that’s life. That’s just how it is.

What you can change are your thoughts about how your life is going to go from here on out.

Your life is changing – has changed – and now you can begin to take care of yourself again.

It just takes patience + persistence, two qualities you’ve been practicing daily for the sake of your family for… how many years? You’re a pro by now. You’ve got this.

If this resonates with you…

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