Have you ever wondered who you were in a past life? Seven benefits of past life regression


Hmmm, have you ever wondered who you were in a past life? Have you wondered if what you’re experiencing now is somehow connected to the past? 

Maybe that persistent ache is related to something that happened to you in another life? What do your current physical or emotional conditions or perhaps your situation in life, have to do with past lives? 

Is someone you know now someone you knew way back when?

Are you curious about something in your childhood?

What if that strange dream that seemed so life like was actually a memory from a past life?

Discovering your past lives is an intriguing way to understand yourself and what drives you.

You may uncover the real reason why you keep making the same choices over and over again. You may be able to heal trauma from a past life that affects you now.

Irrational fears, unexplained or chronic illness, continuing feelings of anger or guilt – may be due to past life experiences. Aren’t you curious to find out? I am!

Past life regression is safe

The expert on regression is Dr Brian Weiss who has documented past lives for thousands of his patients. He’s written some fascinating books, too.

I use a form of progressive relaxation in a guided meditation that helps you relax your active mind so that you can easily relax to the sound of my soothing voice.

If you’re wondering what progressive relaxation feels like, you’ll find a 5 Minute relaxing audio on my website. It’s absolutely free. Just click and it’ll play from your browser.

While Past Life Regression is very personal, it’s like watching a movie or video clips. You see what’s around you. You can look at your clothing. You may see people, animals, plants and trees. You also hear sounds, smell odors. Sometimes you may even feel the emotions. It all depends on how you set up your experience.

You may see a single lifetime, or you may see flashes or images from several lifetimes. You may see life beginning, you may see life ending. Sometimes the ending of life will heal what ails you in this life.

Remember that you’re watching it, like a video, so you control what you experience – what you see, feel, hear. You can be in the body, or you can be floating above it, or you can watch it on a movie theater screen. It’s always your choice. To get out of it, all you have to do is open your eyes.

Seven benefits of past life regression

  1. Understand personal relationships – the complexities and struggles.
  2. Uncover talents and abilities that you may be able to bring forward and express now.
  3. Let go of fear and anxiety.
  4. Discover the roots of physical conditions.
  5. Release physical toxins – the stuff that ails you.
  6. Experience the transitional states of death and beyond.
  7. Re-align with your soul’s purpose in this lifetime.

Regression is very easy. I advise you to listen to my relaxing guided meditation a few times before the workshop so that you find it very easy to relax into the sound of my soothing voice. The audio comes with your hypnotherapy program, or with your purchase of any of my workshops, or you can buy it from my online shop. Another way to get it for free is to sign up for my newsletter. I promise I won’t spam you! I’m too busy helping my clients.

I’m excited about past life regression. If you want to get a good look at your potential. If you want to know about some deep connections. If you’re ready to start manifesting a different kind of lifestyle.

If you’re looking for a new and different personal challenge, let’s chat. If you have any questions, just contact me via my website or message me in Facebook, LinkedIn, or Meetup.

In the meantime, 

​Be well. Be happy. Just be.

Peg McMahan, HHP, CHt, LMT  

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